“Mens sana in corpore sano” - (a healthy mind in a healthy body), famous Latin quotation

Issue # 17

Issue # 16

Issue # 15

Issue # 14

Issue # 13

Issue # 12

Issue # 11

Issue # 10

Issue # 9

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Issue # 7

Issue #6

Issue #5

Issue #4

In this issue you will find...

Our Healthy Destinations is the State Capitol

and the historical art that adorns the halls.

An interview with our Governor Mary Fallin

and our Lieutenant Governor Todd Lamb.

An article from Dr. Juan Brou on having a

Mommy Makeover with plastic surgery.

A story from Mark Triplett on acupuncture

and how it can help you reduce facial lines.

Great recipes in our Foodies Section.

Issue #3

Issue #2

In this issue you will find... Our Healthy Destinations is Guthrie Oklahoma and the celebration of a Territorial Christmas! Special report on diabetes. Tips for natural alternatives for cold and flu season. A great article from Dr. Ralph Latimer at the Children's Vision Center. We have new sections called “Babies on Board,” and “Making a Difference.” Healthy Recipe ideas for Christmas dinner. A story about shiitake mushrooms you can grow at home.

Issue #1

In this inaugural issue you will find stories about the
health benefits of red wine. In celebration of Breast
Cancer Awareness Month an article on breast cancer
and a survivor story. A great story about the OKC
RiverSport. A great story from Ben Coffman, our
Fitness Guru, and some awesome healthy recipes
for you and your family to try. Beauty tips from
Dr. Harvey Jenkins at BodyTrends. We also focus
on hiking and biking trails in Oklahoma for our
Healthy Destinations!
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